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Accidents happen all the time. We’re used to stubbing our toes or spilling our coffee. But while we’re used to these more minor accidents, significant accidents are a different picture. They’re confusing and scary, and they often represent a turning point in our lives, whether we want them to or not. To make matters worse, in many cases, we aren’t even the people at fault for the accident. When an accident is caused due to another individual’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness, you have a right to seek compensation for any injuries you suffered. But the process of seeking compensation can be fraught and challenging. But don’t worry; Pemberton Personal Injury Law Firm is dedicated to offering legal representation to victims so they can get the justice and compensation they deserve.

We all expect to crash and get a few scraps when learning to ride a bicycle. We even know that falls and accidents can happen whenever, so we wear helmets or sometimes even pads. But what most people don’t expect is that they’re going to end up swiped by a vehicle or forced into a crash because of another person. Yet bicycle accidents are often the fault of other people like drivers who aren’t paying attention. One all-too-common accident is motorists not checking their mirrors before opening their door and taking out a cyclist. Bicycle injuries range from broken bones to road rash, bruising, brain injury, or even death. Should you or a loved one have suffered a bicycle accident, then Pemberton Personal Injury Law Firm will fight to ensure you are compensated for your injuries.

While bicycle accidents are sometimes incredibly serious, almost every motorcycle accident is. Motorcycles go as fast as any other vehicle, yet they offer much less protection for the rider compared to what the driver of a car experiences. Unfortunately, they also are often involved in accidents due to the same blindness that drivers seem to have for bicycles. Many people have looked a motorcyclist in the eyes right before pulling out in front of them and causing an accident. We’re so used to looking for cars that the brain can just miss a beat and not register a motorcycle as being an obstacle. Motorcycle accident cases tend to involve a lot of money because of the severity of injuries and the common occurrence of injuries that will impact the remainder of the cyclist’s life. It’s important to act fast following your accident so that your attorney has enough time to investigate, gather evidence and witnesses, and make a compelling argument to bring to the courtroom.

While we’re speaking about motor vehicle accidents, we should take a moment to look at Uber and Lyft accidents. These play out like any car accident in the moment that they happen, but then things get much more confusing afterward. Who is responsible for coverage? The Uber or Lyft drivers themselves or the company? The answer to that question depends primarily on what the driver was doing at the time, whether they were between jobs, looking at the app to pick up a job, or they had somebody in the car already. Those passengers have a straightforward time since the company offers coverage to those making use of their service at the time of their accident. But if you are another driver and you’re struck by an Uber or Lyft driver, then you may find it difficult to determine where the fault lies. Pemberton Personal Injury Law Firm can help you investigate who is liable for the damages you suffered. Ridesharing is a new take on an old technology, so there are a lot of questions about how it works. Feel free to reach out to Pemberton Personal Injury Law Firm to find answers.

Not every accident happens on the road. The waters can be just as dangerous. Boating accidents can result in serious injuries. So too can dog bites. Most of us love dogs, but they can be scary and vicious at times. Should another person’s failure to control their dog result in you being injured, then you should immediately seek medical treatment and then an experienced attorney like those at Pemberton Personal Injury Law Firm. Our attorneys can help with dog bites, boating accidents, catastrophic injuries, pedestrian accidents, product liability cases, bus accidents, serious work injuries, nursing home abuse, farm accidents, construction accidents, and more. While the details of each case are different, personal injury is a wide category, and we pride ourselves on being experts. We’ll work diligently to investigate your accident, gather evidence, build a case, and help you to get compensation for what you’ve suffered. Give us a call at 608-448-6242 if you have any questions.

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